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Commercial uses of Vermiculite

                                                  Chemical formula: (Mg,Fe,Al)3.(Al,Si)4.O10.(OH)2.4H2O

  1. Moulded shapes:

  2. Open fire places.

  3. High-temperature or refractory insulation.

  4. Acoustic panels.

  5. Fireproofing of structural steel and pipes.

  6. Calcium silicate boards.

  7. Brake linings.

  8. Roof and floor screeds and insulating concretes.

  9. Soilless growing media.

  10. Seed germination.

  11. Storing bulbs and root crops.

  12. As a soil conditioner.

  13. As loose-fill insulation.

  14. Refractory/Insulation gunning and castable mixes.

  15. As a constituent of a coating, end uses for vermiculite dispersions include in high temperature coatings or binders for construction materials, gaskets, specialty papers/textiles, oxidation resistant coating on carbon based composites, and as barrier coatings for films.

  16. As a packing material, valued for its high absorbency

  17. Waste treatment.

  18. As a substrate for various animals and/or incubation of eggs.

  19. As a lightweight aggregate for plaster, proprietary concrete compounds, firestop mortar and cementitious spray fireproofing: Exfoliated vermiculite is used in both hand and spray applied general building plasters to improve coverage, ease of handling, adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, fire resistance, and resistance to chipping/cracking/shrinkage.

  20. As an additive to fireproof wallboard.

  21. As a component of the interior fill for firestop pillows  along with graphite.

  22. As a carrier for dry handling and slow release of agricultural chemicals.

  23. As a growing medium for hydroponics.  

  24. As a hot topping: both exfoliated and crude vermiculite have been used for hot topping in the steel industry.

  25. Used to permit slow cooling of hot pieces in glassblowing, lamp work, steel work and glass breaking.

  26. Used in in-ground swimming pools to provide a smooth pool base.

  27. Used in commercial hand hammers.

  28. Used as a sterile medium for the incubation of reptile eggs.

  29. Light-weight insulative concrete.

  30. Used in AGA cookers as insulation.

  31. Used in explosives storage as a blast mitigant.

  32. Used to absorb hazardous liquids for solid disposal.

  33. Used in gas fireplaces to simulate embers.

  34. Used as part of a substrate for fungi cultivation.