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venturing ideas...


We have a wide trading platform

all over India as well are involved

in import and export of commodities.

To get into more details please click

the link below and drop your queries

for the corresponding commodity.  



We have good number of manufacturing

units running under our sole ownership.

We invite marketers, dealers and individual

buyers as well as suppliers of raw material

for our finished goods. Please visit the link below.



Service industry has give us good hope

we have entered into it with our BPO services and now growing up into other fields too. Please visit the link below,.  


About us...

Since our inception in the year 2008 as a trading firm, trading with coal, manganese, bauxite and iron ore. With time in progress we have grown up to a strong trading firm now. But with the uncertainty of every growing market today, its peak & recession periods have made us thought of something new. That was certainty to have change and to keep up to those changing scenarios, we have diversified into a good number of trading, manufacturing and service industrial units. Till date we have a good financial background with a strong network of peoples associated into our business, which has made us survive in every sphere of our progress. Unlike most other industries, employing more number of people to their organization, we intend at empowering Entrapreneurship to our peoples getting associated with us. This has ultimately being pushing us beyond our own limitations.  With this determined and dedicated team work of our peoples associated in our journey to build a bigger, better and more organized business frame. Today we hearty invite every such entrepreneur to join in hands together to grow up into bigger enterprise.    






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